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Fitting Services

Fitting Services


It does not matter if you are a road rider, mountain biker, triathalete, or a recreational rider as almost anyone (at any level of riding and experience) can benefit from proper fit on their bike. Proper fit can allow you to ride in more comfort, at a faster speed, or farther (or any combination thereof), and help eliminate discomfort and attendant loss of performance or stamina.

With a resume of over 35+ years of fitting experience and a history of performance fitting (including some pretty impressive riders) long before it became fashionable we will make sure you will be fit correctly with a minimum of fuss, no hocus-pocus and without using any – flash in the pan - sizing schemes, or gimmicks designed to make you feel great being separated from your hard earned money for something that -might- help your ride faster or in more comfort, or in a more aero position.

Many folks tout certificates from going to a seminar or two and call themselves a “fitter” when they simply do not have the depth of knowledge or experience to help someone fit their ideal position (sometimes a moving target) on the bike, or to help someone find the correct balance between power output, comfort, aerodynamics, and flexibility to make you truly efficient on your bike.

Woody’s offers a full host of fitting services, we stock over 150 stems, every size handlebar made, and multiple seatpost combos in order to make sure you can leave with your bike fitting correctly.

Woody's invested in a fit bike and software system for measurement of made to order custom bikes, a Salsa fit stem to try out a reach before changing a setup or committing to a new one, a body measuring device to allow us to take the right measurements the first time, and we will always take the time to ask the right questions to fit you correctly.

Please note - fittings are done by appointment only on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 11am, 2pm and 4pm, with addtional later/after hours options (please email to schedule).

Thanks, and we look forward to helping you get correctly fitted on your bike!

Fitting services:

Basic fit - $199.99:

Saddle height, fore/aft saddle position (basic KOPS), basic stem/handlebar position and height (no equipment swap) - included in every new performance bike sale at no cost. 

Please allow for 60 min for this.

Deluxe fit - $249.99:

Saddle height, fore/aft saddle position (based on cleat position, leg length and foot size) stem/handlebar position and height (included swap labor), cleat fitting/install. 

Please allow for 120 min for this.

Deluxe Performance fit (Aero/TT/Tri)- $279.99:

Saddle height, fore/aft saddle position (based on cleat position, leg length and foot size, aero needs) stem/handlebar position and height (includes ALL swap labor), aerobar placement optimization, crank length/spin analysis, along with cleat fitting, with an emphasis on finding the correct balance between comfort, power and aero.

Please allow up to 180 mins for this.

Power output analysis an additional $90.00:

Please allow up to an addtional 60 mins for this.

Cleat Fitting - Look, Shimano, SPD and other pedal systems - $90.00:

Full rotational analysis and fit with RAD Device or Cleatmaster, fore and aft cleat positioning (on bike), Varus/Vulgus asessment (foot bed analysis off bike)

Please allow for 30-60 min for this.