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Vintage Bikes & Parts



Woody’s has a serious love affair with cool old bikes! We talk your language, from early MTB, Road, English, French, Italian, Swiss - we love them all (and we have a rotating permanent collection in the store to prove it)! 

Woody's also tries to dispense with elitism in the market, and strives for realistic pricing based on condition, rarity, and stock levels - in a word, we keep it real, so you can build your dream bike or keep your old reliable steed running!

We have a plethora of NOS, used and hard to find items, and if we don't have what you are looking for we can often find it through my vintage bicycle network (we LOVE to trade or buy old stuff)

Yes, Woody's buys old bikes and parts! We love Estate Auction lots, parts and bikes in quantity! So, if you have a basement full of parts or bikes from the last 40 years, we are your guys! Please send copius photos of what you have for sale for a good faith estimate.

We also offer an appraisal service for valuation for insurance or for your reselling knowledge - please note we do not valuate bikes for free, as this is a business. Please email: for details. Cost varies based on time spent researching item and is fully refundable if Woody's purchases the item(s). 

(no phone calls please!)

And take a look below at a few bikes we have for sale! And many more pics are available upon request!


Also, please check out our Ebay store for what we have in stock (in reality we have only about a 10th of what we actually have in stock listed at any time, so it's worth a quick email if you do not see it on Ebay!)- please see link below.

Woody’s Objective Rating System

  1. NIB (new in box) – NEW and NOT used item unblemished in original packaging, zero or close to zero defects
  2. NOS (new old stock) - item is new and NOT used *but* may have been mounted and/or have minor shop wear and/or blemishes from age which in no way affect performance.
  3. Excellent - used but in close to new condition, more than 85% service life left
  4. Very Good - used with some blemishes but more than half of it’s service life left – in many cases this can be improved with cleaning/polishing
  5. Good - used with many blemishes but more than half of it’s service life left – in many cases this can be improved with cleaning/polishing
  6. Fair - used with many blemishes with less than half of it’s service life left; considered “rider” equipment, NOT concour or resto worthy
  7. Used - no collector value, but viable for “rider” with zero emphasis on appearance
  8. Parts value only- good for small parts, may be broken or completely unusable, but good for salvage.

Woody’s additional Rating System ( Plus + ) and (Minus -)

All ratings -Excellent/Good/Fair have subjective plus or minus condition:

Excellent ++, Excellent+, Excellent –, Excellent-

Good++, Good +, Good—, Good-

Fair++, Fair+, Fair—, Fair - 

Please look at our Ebay store for Vintage listings, and note that all listed there can be bought directly from the store at a discount (no Ebay fees), so please reach out directly to us!