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Woody’s offers full wheelbuilding services for all of your Racing, Road, Mountain, Aero, Time Trial, Downhill, Freeride, BMX, Vintage and Fixie wheel needs! We do it all!

All wheelbuilding is done by Master Wheelbuilder John (aka Woody) Stanwood, and come with an unconditional guaranty of quality and a one-year warranty against spoke breakage (if wheel is built to Woody’s recommended spec), along with one year’s free truing (barring crashes and abuse).

We build more wheels than anyone else around, and after 30 plus years of wheelbuilding we really know what we are doing and are not afraid to back up our services with simply the best wheelbuilding warranty around!

Woody's has literally hundreds of rims in stock at all times (no kidding) for new, vintage, ATB, aero, DH, TT, specialty 650, 24" ect. And if we don't have it we can get it quick! Woody's also has a thousands of spokes in stock - and if we don't have it we have a spoke machine to make it (rolled threads, not cut!)!

All wheels are fully handbuilt, threadlocked (Linseed oil on vintage wheels by request!) and are fully tensioned to the CORRECT tension for the rim, spokes, hub and intended usage – and we verify all tension levels with a Tension meter, not our fingers, no black magic or hocus-pocus

Labor rates:

  • Standard - Road or MTB or BMX - 24-36 hole $90.00
  • Add+ $25 per side tying and soldering.
  • Aero-Downhill-Radial-Aero, TT (hub slotting available) starting at $100.00
  • Add+ $15 for hidden nipple Carbon/Deep Aero rims
  • Ala carte service for basic wheel truing - $10-50 *Fees based on wheel and time needed to effect service*
  • Please note: We do not build customer supplied products unless approved beforehand, as we simply do not make enough profit on labor to make labor only service viable. Also we do not build used rims (unless vintage - subject to inspection), non brand name products (Chinese carbon rims, no name hubs, etc) and only warranty new store supplied items.

We can also fix a broken spoke on virtually anything, and have excellent in-stock spokes (along with a spoke threading machine that allows us to -make- spokes for anything) for many name brand complete wheels from Zipp, Mavic, Reynolds, Campy, Fulcrum, Shimano, HED ect