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Elite Custom Race
- Self-adjusting elastomer to improve bottle retention - Made with high-impact composite material
Elite Ciussi Gel
- Equipped with anti-vibration lateral buttons with non-marking gel inserts that hold the bottle tightly - TIG welded aluminum construction
Elite Ciussi Inox
- Buttons improve grip on waterbottle - Welded tubular stainless steel construction
Elite Bocia
The Elite Bocia is an outdoor bottle, specifically designed for younger riders. - Smaller 66mm diameter, easier to handle - Tritan bottle preserves drink's original flavour - Capacity: 350 ml - BPA free
Elite Byasi
A stylish reinterpretation of the classic ‘tool bidon’ as used by many pros when training, the Elite Byasi is a spacious and easy to use tool case. - Keeps your tools, tubes, keys and phone safe and dry whilst out on a ride. - Innovative divider allows you to keep your personal effects separate from your tools and spares - Standard diameter (74mm)
Elite CEO Kit
The CEO Kit includes the CEO bottle cage + Corsetta bottle kit. - Ideal for younger riders - Very easy to use - Smaller 66mm diameter
Elite Candea
The Elite Candea is an LED equipped water bottle for increased visibility while riding. - Highly efficient MicroLED with low energy consumption - Highly visible for increased rider safety - 3 different modes: high visibility, energy saving and blink - Squeezable - Capacity: 650 ml
Elite Cannibal Carbon
Monocoque carbon frame bottle cage with side and front bottle insertion capability. - Matte finish - Innovative design with side and front bottle insertion/removal - Compatible with all frames, ideal for sloping tubes or small sizes
Elite Cannibal XC
The Cannibal XC is a side entry fiberglass reinforced water bottle cage for situations where standard cages are difficult to use. -Works well with small and sloping frames
Elite Ciussi
- Buttons improve grip on waterbottle - TIG welded aluminum construction
Elite Corsa MTB
The Corsa MTB is a universal MTB bottle - With protective cover - Food-grade squeezable polyethylene - Biodegradable and BPA free - Capacity: 550ml
Elite Corsa Team
Elite Corsa Team bottles are precise replicas of the bottles used in competition by the world’s fastest riders. Get the official World Your Pro teams bottles. - Official licensed graphics from the top pro teams in the world - Corsa safety cap - Food-grade squeezable polyethylene - BPA free
Elite Corsetta
The Corsetta bottle is designed specifically for younger riders. - Aggressive profile - Smaller 66mm diameter - Capacity: 350 ml
Elite Crono Cx Aero Bottle
Bottle for the aerodynamic Crono Cx bottle cage. The Crono Cx Aero Bottle has an exclusive surface designed to maximize air penetration, and cap with membrane technology - Complies with UCI regulations
Elite Crono Cx Carbon Kit
The Crono Cx Carbon Kit is an aerodynamically efficient carbon bottle and bottle cage combination. - Bottle cage with monocoque carbon structure - Bottle with exclusive surface designed to maximize air penetration, and cap with membrane technology - Complies with UCI regulations - Available also with fiberglass bottle cage
Elite Crono Cx FRP Kit
The Crono Cx FRP Kit is an aerodynamic bottle and bottle cage combination designed and tested in a wind tunnel. - Bottle cage with monocoque fiber-reinforced (FRP) material structure - Bottle with exclusive surface designed to maximize air penetration, and cap with membrane technology - Complies with UCI regulation - Available also with carbon bottle cage
Elite Deboyo
The Elite Deboyo bottle is the first vacuum flask for competition use. - High flow technology - Unmatched thermal efficiency: keeps beverages hot and cold for 12 hours. - Made of AISI304 stainless steel, tough, attractive and hygienic - Vacuum insulation - Perfectly compatible with most bottle cages available on the market - Ideal also for outdoor use, leisure cap included. - Standard diameter (74 mm) - Capacity: 500 ml
Elite Fly Team
The Elite Fly Team is the lightest sport bottle available worldwide used by the best World Tour pro teams. Precise replicas of the bottles used in competition by the world's fastest riders: Team Sky, BMC Racing Team, Team Sunweb, Orica-Scott, MOVISTAR Team, Lotto Soudal, Equipe cycliste FDJ, Bahrain-Merida Pro Cycling Team, AG2R La Mondiale and UAE Team Emirates. - The lightest sport bottle available worldwide - Odorless, soft and durable plastic material, the result of an experimental research project by Elite - Used by the best World Tour pro teams in 2017 - Ergonomic cap and multi-material made. It guarantees an increased and easier liquid flow - Diameter: 74 mm - BPA free 550 ml
Elite Iceberg
Thermal efficiency and ergonomic design for a superior level sports bottle - High flow technology - Isothermal double wall structure - Thermal performance: up to 2 hours with cold liquid - Bottle body in transparent easy-squeeze polyethylene - Ergonomic grip - Cap with soft rubber push-pull nozzle and protective cap - Capacity: 500 and 650 ml
Elite L'Eroica Alu
Classic Design: the shape of the aluminum bottle – every single one is handmade - matches those you see in old, early 20th century classic cycling black and white photos. A string connects the cork cap and the bottle, just as it happened in days past. Finish: the external part is satin-finished, giving the bottle a unique look. Decals have been manufactured with great accuracy for a unique and elegant bottle. Suitable for food contact: the internal paint is suitable for food contact, safe and long lasting. - Choice of materials and designs inspired by the bottles of the legendary cycling champions. - Satin-finished aluminium bottle body and cork cap. - Capacity: 600 ml - Diameter: 74 mm
Elite L'Eroica Bottle Cage
Classic Design: the handlebar-mounted aluminum bottle cage has the same classical shape as historic ones. Finish: the bottle cage is made in opaque, satin-finished aluminum where the EROICA logo is carved, for an instantly recognizable product. Firm grip on the bottle: the bottle cage features a lever-closing system that holds the bottle steadily even on the dirt roads where many classic cycling competitions are still being held. It can also be adjusted based on the bottle diameter, so you can use bottles that range from 70 to 78mm in diameter. Easy to use: it's pre-assembled, needs no specific tools and includes all the screws you need to install it on the bicycle. Available in the single (one bottle) or double (two bottles) versions
Elite L'Eroica Squeeze
A vintage design inspired by past cycling champion bottles - Inspired by past cycling champion bottles - Squeezable - BPA free - 74mm diameter - 550 ml
Elite Leggero Carbon
Only 15 grams! Variable section design for strength with less weight. - Ultra-lightweight bottle cage: only 15 g (+/- 10%) - 100% high-resistance carbon fiber - Elegant with an edgy design, easy bottle insertion and extraction - The variable section design has been studied to reduce to a minimum the elements not subject to stress while reinforcing the areas subject to loads and strains when using it.
Elite Maxi Corsa
The universal cycling bottle -Food-grade squeezable polyethylene -Biodegradable and BPA free -Capacity: 950 ml
Elite Maxi Corsa MTB
The universal MTB bottle with protective cover. -Food-grade squeezable polyethylene -Biodegradable and BPA free -Capacity: 950 ml
Elite Moreo Inox
Light weight and resistant stainless steel bottle cage. - Bottle cage with side and front bottle insertion/removal - Stainless steel construction - Light and strong
Elite Nanogelite
Squeezable thermal bottle with Nanogel insulating material. With Twin bottle construction fully wrapped in Nanogel, the Nanogelelite bottle has the best and lightest solid insulating material in the world. - Maintain temperatures for up to 4 hours with cold liquid - Bottle in particularly soft, transparent squeeze material, that facilitates delivery of the liquid - High flow technology - Easy to grip bottle with ergonomic shape - Capacity: 500, 650ml
Elite Nomo
Customize your Bottle - Can be personalized, writing both name and number of the athlete by using a special grid - Sporty design - Food-grade squeezable polyethylene - Registered Design - Patent Pending - Diameter 74mm - BPA free - Capacity 750 ml
Elite Ombra
The perfect hydration for any occasion Now with a new top with soft rubber push-pull valve: the food-grade membrane incorporated in the cap prevents water to spill if the spout remains open. Furthermore, the amount of liquid is calibrated according to the pressure exerted on the bottle. An additional advantage of the membrane system is that, while riding, dust does not enter inside the bottle. -High-flow bottle -Capacity: 550, 750, and 950ml -Diameter: 74 mm -BPA free
Elite Paron Race
An efficient and easy to use bottlecage - Composite material bottle-cage - Adapts to all types of bottles thanks to it’s flexible structure
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